How Everyday People Live Out Their Christian Faith

Illustrating how men and women display their love for Jesus in their day-to-day lives.
Little things that may have an eternal impact. Might these stories motivate you to use your talents?
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    I kind of stumbled upon being a camp counselor. As a teacher, I have my summers pretty free which I treasured. I usually traveled, took some time off, and prepared for the upcoming school year. A few years ago, our pastor said we had a bunch of kids that wanted to go to summer camp, but couldn't because each church had to send a counselor for every so many kids. Apparently, no one could take a week to go. I didn't even pray about it. I had the time, I am good with kids, and I know the Lord sometimes just drops these opportunities in our laps to embrace. That began what has become part of my summer schedule. Each year, I take a group of kids to camp and watch as the Lord impacts their lives. And we have a blast while that change happens! Some of these kids have been coming to camp with me for years. I've gotten to know them so well. I get to see some of them in the hallways at school. And I see almost all of them each week at church. I love when they run up to me telling me what new Scripture they've learned or about something that's going on in their life. I love the opportunity to spend not only an entire week with these kids, but then continue to impact their lives throughout the year. I simply can't imagine a better way to spend a week of my summer. It is the highlight of my year.

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    I've always been taught to not be ashamed of my faith. So going to a public school, I've always considered it my mission field. Exercising my faith and displaying my relationship with Christ all started when I was in 4th grade. Who would've thought that something as small as praying before I ate my lunch would cause so much attention and curiosity? Several of my peers stared at me---some with distaste, others with support. I never let the weird looks shift me away from praying. This continued into 7th grade, when I met a girl who also believed in God but was struggling with her faith. Daily, she would ask me questions about God. Seeing my opportunity to witness, I started bringing my Bible to school. Together, we explored the Bible, finding the answers to her questions. We listened to Christian music, prayed together, and frequently talked about God. In the 8th grade, she told me she truly felt different, like a new and better person. She gave her heart to Christ that year and was baptized. I was in awe of how God was using me. Excited, I continued to display my faith, even on the football field, which is a completely different atmosphere. I remember being partnered with a teammate, who wasn't the nicest guy. I was always praying, before games, before practice or when a teammate got injured. Slowly, I noticed my teammate changing. His behaviors changed and he, too, started to pray. We started praying together, even before lifting weights. Now as a sophomore, I know God is using me to be a light in my school and on the… Read More

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    My entire life was spent helping my husband in ministry. As a pastor's wife and mother, my work and ministry were never done. For years, we worked side by side tirelessly to see people come to faith in Christ, and then teach students at a Bible school how to do that very same thing. Now, my dear husband has passed on to his eternal reward, and I am unable to get around like I used to. I thought my days of ministry were behind me. I really wasn't sure what to do with myself now that I am confined to my home. I am so thankful for a church that helped me find a ministry I can do from home: a prayer ministry. Each week, the church sends me prayer cards filled out by members of the congregation. I then spend a few hours each day calling them and praying with them over the phone. Over the last few years, I have prayed for thousands of people and seen the Lord do amazing things. I am so thankful I am still able to be used by the Lord for great and mighty things. Prayer isn't just something to fill my days. Prayer is the true work of ministry to the Body of Christ. I feel what I am doing now is even more vital to the kingdom of God than anything I have done before.

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    To a lot of people, the word "pastor" implies leading without serving. The truth is so much different. We are part of the body of Christ, just like people in our congregation. I felt called to the ministry in 1988. I was a young man attending a retreat in New Mexico, and during the last night, I felt God calling out to me. He said, "come serve me," and He wouldn't let me go until I did. Up until that point in my life, I'd been helping my dad run his air conditioning business. When I left that field to pursue a life in God, I never realized how much He would utilize my previous experience to bring glory to His kingdom. I have chased hard after Christ's will in my life, but not just by preaching and teaching His word on the weekends. To me, fulfilling my call as a pastor is about serving. It's about doing the lowest of the low jobs, not holding any arrogance or pride. Even at fifty years old, I still work as an A/C man for a great company in Austin, Texas. In that, God has given me the opportunity to reach out to my lost coworkers in a way that a Sunday morning sermon couldn't. I've been able to live out Christ's example, even in a regular job. Jesus himself washed his disciples feet. "Now that I, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also should wash one another's feet. I have set you an example that you should do as… Read More

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    I was having a hard time deciding what I was going to do with my life. I prayed that God would use me as His vessel. I didn't hear anything from Him for a while. But in 2015, I was driving my car and saw an elderly man really struggling to cut his grass. So I got out of my car and helped him finish the yard. When I was driving away, I was amazed at how good that felt. And I truly believed God was speaking to me. So as I was finishing up my computer science degree, I would find widows, veterans, disabled or elderly people that needed their grass cut and just do it. For free. I couldn't believe how it touched them. So many of these people had lost a lot of joy in their lives. More than cutting their lawn, I'd spend time listening to their stories. So this was not just about taking care of their yard; it was showing them they matter and that God cares for them. Then I started getting kids in my city involved, encouraging them to take care of yards for people that couldn't do it themselves. We'll even blow leaves in the fall, and shovel snow in the winter. I give them a free t-shirt once they take care of ten yards, and if they do 50 yards, I'll give them a free lawn mower. It was my way of mentoring and training young men to give back to their community. Now it's developed into a ministry called Raising Men Lawn Care Service. We have 244 kids throughout the United States and… Read More

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    I was a shell of a human being. By the time I was 20 years old, my drinking progressed to the point where I was emotionally and spiritually isolated from everyone around me. I abandoned my childhood faith and thought if God was real, He wouldn't want anything to do with a person like me. But I was given a beautiful solution to my addiction when I joined a 12-step fellowship and was able to reconnect with God. Recovery has allowed me to regain my family's trust, maintain genuine friendships, graduate from college, have a healthy relationship with my boyfriend, keep a job, and feel a sense of purpose through helping sick and suffering alcoholics and addicts. Recovery has transformed my idea of God and the personal relationship I have with him today. The most transformative, faith-renewing part of this journey has been talking about God with other alcoholics and addicts. No matter what kind of struggles you have overcome, your story can help others. I used to feel so much shame over the things I did, but I know God is using my past to help others in the same situation. The only reason why I'm able to do this is because someone else showed me the way by sharing their experience. I'm so thankful to now be that person for others. My walk with God hasn't been perfect. There have been times where I questioned him, even in sobriety, but I find He always brings me back to the truth. God never turned His back on me when… Read More

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    For years, my ministry revolved around music. I joyfully played the piano every week for worship. And during the week, I taught piano lessons to children in the church with the hope that they, too, would embrace a love of worship of God through music. Most of my time, though, was invested in my family. My three girls became the main focus of my life. I was very content with my music and my little family. But one day, I saw a booth at our local festival for fostering children. As I looked at the pictures of the faces of little children on the brochure, my heart broke. Then, as I looked at the faces of my three not-so-little girls, I realized I had to talk with my husband and daughters about fostering children. Within a few short months, we became licensed foster parents. We prayed each night as a family for the children who would join our family. And one beautiful, scary day, our social worker brought two little children into our home. These little ones became a part of our family. My girls embraced their role as older sisters and took care of them, reading to them, helping me make their food, and playing with them. My husband and I prayed with our new little charges multiple times each day as we worked to bring stability and trust into their young lives. Although I still play each week for worship and teach piano lessons, my true calling, my true ministry, are the little children that social workers bring… Read More

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    I am a foreman of a construction crew. I really enjoy what I do for a living. I get to work with my hands, and with the help of my crew, create something that is needed. It's a lot of fun to see a bridge be built, a building rise out of nothing, or a road be fixed. At church, I do similar work for God. There always seems to be a need for something to be built. Whether it's a half pipe for the teenagers to skate on, the set of a musical for the children, more risers for the choir, or a large stand for a giant Christmas tree, I find myself very busy with work at the church. I may not be preaching or even participating in the musical itself, but I know my skills are needed in each area of ministry. I am helping teenagers come to Christ. I am helping children be discipled. And all that is just through my natural abilities of building. Some people might think I'm a little rough around the edges, and maybe I am. But working with my hands at church brings me a lot of joy. I am so glad that I am able to use my skills for God's glory.

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    I am from India, and came to America three years ago to work on my doctorate. When my wife and I arrived, we knew we needed to find a church, but we quickly realized that most churches in our town are not diverse at all. Once we settled on what has now become our church here, we spoke to our pastor about this. We know there are communities in our town of various ethnicities, where many of the people just recently came to America. Our pastor looked at us, and asked what we would like to do about it. This began our ministry to internationals in our community. Each week, we have local teachers come to our church to tutor new internationals in English. Every month, we host a dinner and invite all the internationals we know in the community. Then, we get contact information from them and visit them. Many have now decided to attend our church because of those dinners and visits. These internationals feel like our church is a part of their community. Since we have more internationals at our church, we host prayer events for the countries represented within our congregation. I didn't intend on starting a new ministry. I'm a father or two little boys, a husband, a full-time doctoral student, and I have a job, so my time is very limited. However, I am so thankful for this ministry. We have found the community we were longing for, and we have seen many come to the Lord as a result. There are countless international… Read More

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    Gowns for His Glory started with a dream seven years ago to provide prom dresses and accessories to area high school girls free of charge. Prom is one of the most expensive nights in high school and no matter what their financial situation, every girl should be able to attend her prom. I understand how important it is to these girls. But sometimes financial difficulties can make finding the perfect dress or shoes impossible because their families simply can’t afford it. So, this became a unique way for me to serve and minister to the community. Now in its seventh year, Gowns for His Glory has provided over 3,000 dresses to high school teens in Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania. There’s no limitation on who we’ll serve. Our motto really is, ‘first come, all served.' Gowns for His Glory is not affiliated with any other organization in the community, and we started this out of our own pockets. I’ve really just relied on the Lord and His direction. And our amazing community members. I really wouldn’t have been able to make it happen if it wasn’t for them. Each year, I get a front row seat to see the looks on their faces as the girls “shop” for dresses and accessories. They may not verbalize their feelings, but I know their hearts are touched deeply. It is God’s plan for me to help these girls. And that’s exactly what I plan on continuing to do.

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    As a children's pastor, I've been blessed to have seen so many children come to Christ. There are few things more beautiful than seeing Jesus in a child's eyes. But the bulk of my ministry happens outside the church building. Several times a week, I find myself eating at a restaurant for one reason or another. As a Christian, I offer a prayer of thanksgiving over each meal. A number of years ago, I asked the Lord for more opportunities to share the gospel with people in my immediate area, particularly people who wouldn't normally be in church. The Lord challenged me to start praying for those I come in contact with during my day. I wasn't sure what that meant until I was out to lunch with a colleague. We ordered and then received our food, praying together before we started eating. Just as we said "Amen," I looked up and saw our waitress watching us. The Lord spoke to me, telling me to ask her how I could pray for her. That started a habit. Every time I am at a restaurant, I tell the server I will be thanking God for my food. Then I ask if there is anything I can pray for him during my prayer. Sometimes I get a strange look and a negative response. But other times, tears well up in the person's eyes, and it opens the door to sharing the truth of God's love. No matter what, though, I pray for that person before I eat my meal, knowing that God will… Read More

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    My father came to this great country for a better life. He came to know the Lord Jesus as his personal savior and his change meant great persecution. When he arrived in the United States, he dedicated his life to preaching the truth of who Jesus is to the Italian immigrant community. I remember my father praying daily that his children would have a relationship with Jesus, and that someday our family would have pastors and missionaries in it. Now that my father has passed, remembering those prayers gives me great comfort. I have done all I can to follow in my father's footsteps and raise my children to know Jesus. Although I work at a construction company during the week, my real passion is for the church we helped plant many, many years ago. My wife and I decided to move from the heart of the city to an area filled with Italian immigrants to help a new pastor plant a church. I literally built the church brick by brick after work and on the weekends. My wife brought us food every day as we worked to make this dream a reality. That was over 60 years ago now. It's hard to believe. I am amazed every time I walk through the doors of my church---amazed that I was privileged to help build it; and amazed at the number of people who are now following the Lord because of the ministry through this church. My children are a product of that ministry. In fact, my son is a pastor… Read More

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    It is not very often that one can drive down a street and see tangible results of their volunteer work. But this is a gift I receive by volunteering with Christmas In Action - Spartanburg, a small nonprofit that aids the elderly, disabled and veteran homeowners in our county with free home repairs. "Love your neighbor as yourself," (Matthew 22:39) is one of my favorite verses and words that I strive to live by each day. My husband and I were familiar with the great work of the Christmas in Action chapters around the country, and we started a Spartanburg chapter when we moved here in 1997. With support of my family and church, I have had the opportunity to share God's grace with hundreds of fellow neighbors that simply need a hand-up and not a handout. As a local realtor, I understand how a home impacts a person's psyche and typically, impoverished homeowners go without; living in homes with leaking roofs, electrical problems that can trigger a fire, rotting floors, or insect and rodent infestation. Like the mold in the house, these problems spread, affecting the health and well-being of the homeowner as well as the community at large. For over twenty years, this is how I have been able to share God's message with those who need it most. One of homeowners that touched my heart the most was a single elderly woman who did not have access to hot water. Our volunteer team installed a new hot water heater and purchased new towels, washcloths and shower curtain for her first hot shower in her home. The tears that streamed down her face when… Read More

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    The teenage years are crucial for a child, so when our older daughter was joining the church's youth group, we decided to become youth leaders. We planned to continue until our younger daughter graduated from high school. We just wanted to know their friends, their parents, and be involved in their lives. We had no idea that from the moment we started volunteering as youth leaders what that would mean for the rest of our lives. Both our girls have finished college and moved out. But we are still at the youth group every Wednesday. We're at every lock in, convention, concert, and a lot of their sporting events. We didn't realize that by just wanting to spend time with our daughters, we would find our calling: working with the youth. We're grandparents now and thought the kids would no longer want us to be around. But when we mentioned retiring from youth ministry, kids started coming up to us, asking us to wait until they had graduated from high school. Many of these kids come from difficult homes. They haven't seen a good marriage. Many have no male role model in their lives. For many of them, we are their consistent adult relationship. And so, we continue to pour into these young lives. We go to their ball games, listen as they share their difficulties, help them with their school work, pray with them, and really just love them. Although we only have two biological daughters, each of these kids are our own. They are a part of our… Read More

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    I received an alarming call in early 2010. "Momma, please take care of my girls. I can't do this anymore!" My daughter was in a relationship that led her down a very destructive path. In short, she ended up losing her children and spending the next several years in and out of the drug world. She begged me to keep her girls and I agreed. Thus began an incredible calling. What was supposed to be a few months turned into years. I received full custody of my granddaughters and stayed in constant prayer for my daughter. I prayed over my granddaughters and taught them to pray as well. I spoke life over them and encouraged them to dream big, forgive daily, and always put God first. Now at ages 15 and 20, my granddaughters are shaping up to be amazing, intelligent, beautiful women of God. Every day, I see more of how God has taken someone like me and has used me exactly the way I wanted to be used. I can't imagine where my granddaughters would be today. Would they have followed the same path as their mother? I don't know. What I do know is God works all things for His good. My daughter is now clean and focused on building a sustainable life for herself. She speaks to her girls daily, and they have nothing but love and forgiveness toward her. God worked through me to love, help, and make a difference in these girls' lives. I've always wanted God to use me in a mighty way. I wanted… Read More

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    I became a certified x-ray technician when I was 18 years old so I could pay my way through Bible school. I had no idea it would become a large part of my ministry to the community. And I certainly had no intention of continuing in the field for almost 50 years. But the Lord places us in the exact place He needs us to be used for His purposes. After graduating from Bible school and marrying my husband, a local pastor, I moved from general x-ray to becoming a mammogram technician. Those first few weeks were a bit nerve wracking and strange as I helped woman after woman with this machine. It was during these initial weeks that I discovered the Lord had more in store for my job than just a paycheck. He first impressed upon me to write down the names of the women who were about to receive the worst news of their lives, and pray for them during my devotional time. As I continued in obedience, that led to some interesting divine opportunities where I was able to pray with my patients. As the Lord continued working in my heart, I discovered I had a boldness within me I didn't know existed. And through this boldness, I began asking every patient if I could pray with her. I never received a negative response. In fact, over the years, I have been able to minister to thousands of women and share about the love of Jesus with each of them. It has been a wonderful time… Read More

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    For so long in Ghana, women were not treated equally. A decade ago, most girls here were not allowed to go to school because it was believed that only men were supposed to be educated---they were the bread winners. But that has now changed, and the pendulum has swung. Maybe too far. Women now have equal rights, but many of them do not respect men. They almost treat men as useless. I call it "extreme feminism." I felt led to do something about this, and correct these misperceptions. I founded an organization called Pretty and Priceless a year ago. It is a Christian foundation that seeks to coach, mentor and inspire girls in the light of God's word, teaching them that everything they do must have eternal value but respect the men in their lives. We study the Word of God. We educate by outreaches, social media, pamphlets and other Christian materials. We also have a prayer network for women called GLOW---Godly Ladies of Worth. The prayer network meets on the last Friday of every month to pray with young ladies all around Ghana. The well-being of women is our concern. Our aim is to give faith to the faithless lady, hope to the hopeless lady and help to the helpless. Our motto is Raising Beacons of Hope. It is my prayer that Pretty and Priceless will continue to empower young women in a positive direction, while making a long lasting and deep impression in their hearts with the word of God.

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    People often think about meeting others' needs when it comes to housing, food, and clothing. But, people tend to forget about other basic needs, such as the ability to do laundry. Coming from a social worker background, I spent time working with families in low income communities where I saw how people struggled to clean their clothes each week, or how many children who have aged out of foster care don't know how to wash clothes. So, when someone in my church's ladies group mentioned a laundry ministry in nearby Knoxville, I thought it was something I'd like to be involved in. In August 2016, our group from First Christian Church started the Rogersville Laundry Ministry, which provides everything but the dirty laundry! We started doing it one night a month for two hours. The people bring their dirty laundry, and we pay for the machines and provide all the laundry supplies. In the beginning, it was rather slow. However, once another church joined us, the ministry just ballooned! More community volunteers have joined us, and we have expanded to two separate locations one night a week. We had one evening in September 2017 where we provided clean laundry for 78 people. We begin and end each evening of washing with a prayer. But, in the meantime, we just spend time with the people. We have a sign-in that asks if they have prayer requests, and the guests know we will pray for them that evening, or take their prayer requests to the church's prayer team. The Lord has blessed… Read More

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    I used to wonder how God would ever use a simple girl like me for His own good purpose. But that became abundantly clear when I realized the musical gifts He gave me. Ever since I was young, music brought me great joy, and God put an unquenchable desire in my heart to keep improving and learning to play new instruments. I started with the tambourines, but God prompted my heart to take on one instrument after another, including the guitar, the bass, the drums, and the keyboard. I now have the priceless privilege of leading my church into His beautiful presence through playing musical instruments during our praise and worship time. As the years have passed and our small church has grown, I found the Lord fulfilling His greater purpose for me---to teach and impart this God-given talent to our youth and our church’s leaders. I am humbled to have served not just the Lord but also the church, so they too can glorify God and experience the anointing that flows through worship music, bringing the worshipper to the foot of His throne. But more than just teaching the proper way to play the instruments, it is emphasizing that a sincere heart of worship is what truly brings genuine music before the holy presence of God---a sweet and an acceptable offering permeating right into His very own heart. Life may have thrown challenges at me, but I will never stop becoming God's living instrument in helping others see the face of the Lord Jesus and experience the fullness of… Read More

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    Sometimes, the hardest battles we fight as Christians are the spiritual one within our own family. That is certainly the case with me growing up in the Philippines. My mom was a born-again Christian and all the kids followed in her footsteps. But my dad was an unbeliever and that created a very uncomfortable situation in our family. I would go to church or family gatherings feeling joyful but incomplete without my father. We grew up committing ourselves to the ministry, and our dad didn't like that one bit. Our house was like a military training camp with my father being the commander. His every word was an order that needed an immediate call to action or else there would be a skirmish. But then, it was a blessing in disguise because it made us grow spiritually responsible. Even though we were young, we knew our dad needed Jesus in his life and just like gold, our faith was tested. We witnessed a major struggle in their marriage when my father committed adultery. It was chaos but this persecution made us dwell more in prayer and in worship. In the midst of this trial, we grew deeper on our faith. The Lord taught us to trust Him completely as we prayed for our family's restoration. During this painful period, God's grace filled our hearts with love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. And then, after eight years of intercession, my dad had a change of heart. He started to join us in our family camp and even… Read More

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    I am a people person. It’s just the way God made me. Growing up, I was always in trouble in class for talking and no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t stop. Now I know why: It’s how God made me. I attend a very large church and struggled to find a place to connect. I am not a Bible scholar, so teaching Sunday School wasn’t a great fit. I’m a bit too scatter-brained to teach children. But, I can serve those who serve. That is my life’s mission. We have hundreds of people each week who sacrifice their time and energy to serve in all sorts of ministries. I decided it was time to serve them. Each Sunday morning, I get up super early to drive to church so I can set out simple breakfast items and coffee for those who will serving. Some of these wonderful people will be at the church from 7:00 am to 1:00 pm, so around noon, I'll set out snacks and soft drinks. As the volunteers make their way to the room, I greet them with a big smile and thank them for their service. Sometimes folks want to talk for a few minutes, sometimes they need a bit of prayer, sometimes they need a word of encouragement. I see myself as the church’s cheerleader, cheering the team on to victory in Jesus each week. I know it may seem small and insignificant, and maybe it is. But I believe the work I am doing matters. It matters to the volunteers who are hungry,… Read More

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    As a seminary professor, my days are filled with theological questions, biblical languages, and the deep study of scripture. It's a wonderful occupation and I love it. However, it is what I do outside of work that gives me the greatest joy. Each week, I spend two evenings with Congolese refugee families that have settled in our community. I bring them items they need, help them find work, and get them plugged into English language centers. But really what I do is simply listen. I listen to their stories of their homeland. I listen as they share about the horrors of war. I listen to their difficulties as they try to navigate life in the United States. I simply listen. And then, as the Holy Spirit prompts me, I ask them if I can pray with them. There are no great theological discussions. I just ask them if I can pray and when they respond positively, I pray. I pray with them for jobs and health. I pray with them for family left back in Congo. It's nothing profound or earth-shattering. But those prayers are meaningful. Those prayers bond us together. Those prayers lead to eternal significance as I demonstrate the love of Christ. Those prayers lead to Congolese refugees finding Christ in the midst of their tumultuous life. It's simple really. I just love these refugees. I think that's what God wants us to do with all people on earth.

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    It is said that history often repeats itself. Twenty years ago, my daughter spent Christmas break ministering in an Indian orphanage. She met four orphans who would drastically impact her life. Some fifteen years later, she was able to reconnect with one of those children. She learned that he was now a seminary student and had a strong desire to see a children's home open in Pune, India. Feeling the pull of the Lord on our lives, my husband and I went on a short-term mission trip last year to India to meet this young man and his wife. Once there, we were shocked to learn some staggering statistics about life in India. Some 53% of girls are illiterate and 50% are malnourished. Each year, one million girls die before their first birthday. Ten million girls have been aborted in the past 20 years just for being female. Two million children between the ages of 5 and 15 are victims of sex trafficking each year. This grim reality in India was astonishing. As a result, we felt a call by the Holy Spirit to start a girls' home, and shortly thereafter the Straight Arrows Foundation was created. We now provide small group homes to girls who are true orphans, victims of sex trafficking, and those involved in child labor. We do not run an orphanage, as we desire that they be "orphans no more". Instead, we offer homes with a family unit where each girl can grow up in a nurturing and loving environment. We want to… Read More

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    For a long time, I just went to church. I didn't want to be too involved because being out front is pretty scary. I don't know a lot of scripture or a lot about theology, so I felt I was pretty limited on what I could do. Then a friend asked me what area I serve in at church. I sheepishly told him nowhere. He was astonished. We talked a bit about me, my personality, and what sorts of things I like to do. Then, he said the sound team was looking for more help. He said they'd train me and I would get all the help I needed. It sounded pretty interesting, so I talked with the team leader. I absolutely love helping with sound. I love that I'm in the background, making sure the worship team sounds great and the pastor can be heard well. I love that I'm able to do this without anyone knowing I'm even there. That is, unless something happens like a mic cuts out or there's some feedback. For me, serving as a sound guy is like what Jesus said in Matthew 6:1-4: "Be careful not to practice your righteousness in front of others to be seen by them. If you do, you will have no reward from your Father in heaven. So when you give to the needy, do not announce it with trumpets, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and on the streets, to be honored by others. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full. But… Read More

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    My love for the Lord led me to be a youth pastor. Last year, I left my doctor's office with the news that I had cancer. During treatment, I woke up each morning and wondered if the hours of chemo at the hospital and sickness would actually result in shrinking tumors. I remember feeling so tired and having no ambition or desire to do anything, just waiting for the day to pass. Thankfully, I have now beat cancer twice. My cancer diagnosis and treatment has reminded me that I am not in control. It was God's way to shake me a little and tell me that He holds my life in His hands. While this sounds scary, it's really a beautiful thing to remind myself of daily. The Bible talks about peace that surpasses understanding. I like to call it "the peace that doesn't make sense" since I don't understand how I can have peace during these trying times, yet God grants it. When I needed encouragement, I looked to the Bible and reminded myself of truths like, "God is my strength." I asked God to help me remember this truth and make it be bigger than my negative feelings and circumstances. This perspective was huge in getting me through the rough days. God has also used my cancer to better love and lead my students I oversee and teach at church. One of the greatest ways to lead is by example, and my kids were my constant reminder and encouragement to live for the Lord through hard times. I… Read More

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    I am a dentist. It's a small thing, really, but helping people with their dental hygiene is a passion of mine. I know that my patients' dental health reflects their overall health. It's why I check for types of cancer and other diseases with every visit. When I decided to open my own practice, I wanted every part of the building to reflect my love for Christ. The light fixtures have vines on them representing abiding in the vine, the art represents various parts of the fruits of the Spirit, and the music played is instrumental hymns. Every morning, the staff and I get together to pray for the day and dedicate our work to God. The Lord has been so gracious to us. Not only are we booked solid with patients, we have opportunities every day to pray with them. We've even had Muslims come in for dental work and remark on how our facility has a peaceful feeling. We simply tell them that it's Jesus working through us. Since the Lord has given so much to me and the staff, we want to give back. So every missionary who comes through our doors does not pay a penny for dental work. We even gift them with free teeth whitening and other things their insurance would not cover. Since missionaries are usually only in town for a short amount of time, we move heaven and earth so they can get their teeth checked while they're in town. My goal is to bless those who serve so sacrificially around the… Read More

  • Labor


    Academia is not an easy setting to proclaim Christ, but Jesus didn't call us to do what is easy. As a chemistry professor at our local community college, my faith is not checked at the door. In my discussions with my colleagues, I stand for Christ and the glory of His creation. I don't have as much freedom in the classroom, but God is not banned. As soon as I get my schedule, I begin praying over my students, asking God to give me a chance to share His grace with them. I make my classroom a safe place to explore and learn. As an example, I expect my students to take responsibility for their learning. I don't constantly remind them of upcoming due dates for assignments. Several students missed one particular assignment. Per my policy, there would be no make-up, but I felt in this instance, grace was needed. I acknowledged the students who completed their homework on time and asked them to not be angry, but join me in extending grace to those who needed it. Several of the students who had finished the assignment on time later approached me and thanked me for explaining my choice. None of them complained. Conversations like these build a trust with my students, so when they need advice and prayer, they know I am available. During office hours, I have had multiple opportunities to share the love of Jesus and pray with my students. Jesus is not banned from my classroom nor office.

  • Church Activities Labor


    I started working in the GE factory when I graduated from high school. I worked there until the day they shut it down, 20 years later. For months, I had been trying to find a job knowing that mine was soon coming to an end. But nothing. On that last day of work, I went home and wondered how I would provide for my wife and children. Our pastor had been speaking on relying on God for our needs, so I did what he said: I prayed a very simple prayer and asked God to provide a job for me. The next morning my phone rang. My pastor had called because the janitor at the church was retiring, and they were looking for someone to replace him. They wanted to update some things, which meant more work and a different title: facilities manager, which included helping them work on the janitorial needs for the new building being built. The pay was more than what I was making at the factory. Now that was an answer to prayer! I've been the facilities manager at my church for almost 20 years now. I love that this job is not only an answer to prayer, but I get to serve God and His people. I know my job may not seem like much, but if the bathrooms aren't clean and things are in disarray, new people won't want to come back. My job is simple: make the facilities as welcoming as possible so that everyone who enters feels the presence of God. It's… Read More

  • Labor Unique Ministries


    It's amazing who the Lord chooses to use in ministry. I grew up in a family of non-believers that rarely went to church. But I found the Lord through reading the Bible. I knew I was being called into the ministry early on, but I could not imagine the Lord using someone like me. Despite the doubt, I surrendered to the call of ministry and began attending seminary. I was not sure what the Lord wanted to do with my life, but I desired to work with an inner city ministry where I could preach the gospel to lost people. In December of 1995, two weeks before graduation, I learned of the Calvary Rescue Mission, a non-profit Christian ministry that ministered to homeless men. I felt immediately drawn to this ministry. Not only did it provide meals and clothing to men in need, but it offered nightly chapel services, discipleship training, counseling, and lodging to homeless men in and around Memphis. It just so happened the Executive Director position became open right around the time of my graduation from seminary. Although I was the third choice for the Executive Director position, the Lord saw fit that I would become its new Executive Director. His timing truly was perfect. Now some 22 years later, I still am serving at this tremendous ministry. This spring, we will open a new facility that will allow us to house 108 men instead of the 46 we currently can serve. In 2017, our neighborhood was ranked the most dangerous in the United States, but despite the danger, the Lord… Read More

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    I've always been drawn to kids who were hurting. Maybe it's because I didn't have anyone to talk to when I was struggling at 12 years old. And, back when I was growing up, you did not go to counselors for help. Instead, I talked to my horse, Princess. One summer day, God spoke to me and put it in my heart that I would eventually start a ranch for hurting children. Many things have happened between that time long ago and today. I worked in business, with at-risk youth and as a special education teacher. But, I didn't forget what the Lord told me as a young girl. One day when I was teaching, I felt the Lord speak to me again and say it was time to start the ranch. I listened. After several years of prayer and generating support, I opened Hope Remains Ranch and served our very first child. I realized the Lord had been teaching and preparing me all these years for this work. Today, we provide Christian equine therapy for 3,000 kids and adults year-round. The focus of the ranch is Jesus. Everyone who works or volunteers on the ranch is a believer, so we try to be Jesus to everyone who visits. We want to show those who enter our gates after a crisis or tragedy that hope remains through Jesus Christ---you won't find hope in the bottle or drugs. So, we offer therapy and Jesus. Whenever anyone asks Jesus into his heart while on the ranch, we ring a large bell,… Read More

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