How Everyday People Live Out Their Christian Faith

Illustrating how men and women display their love for Jesus in their day-to-day lives.
Little things that may have an eternal impact. Might these stories motivate you to use your talents?
  • Labor Unique Ministries


    Growing up with an absent father took a great toll on me, my siblings and my mother. I survived one struggle after another, but through God's mercy, I was able to finalize my studies. After school, life was still hard, as I searched for jobs to support my family. But through all these struggles, I met Jesus Christ. My life has never been the same again. I moved from my home in the Western part of Kenya, and settled in Central Kenya, in Mwea. This area is dangerous with a lot of gang activity. Young people all around are jobless and staying idle. I saw how people in my church were helping get these troubled youths out of the gangs and into God's Word. This was a great encouragement to me and I wanted to take part in this wonderful outreach. I have been training in martial arts since primary school. I thought I could encourage the youth in my area to join my gym that I had opened, and I could connect with them through martial arts. Over time, the number of youths at my gym increased, and I got that opportunity to preach to them, sharing the importance of salvation in their lives. In return, they have gained discipline, crime came down at an unbelievable rate in the region, and they are part of my project to reach out to even more youths. Just recently, I initiated a project to help those transformed youths engage in a farming venture on a small scale by growing vegetables and selling them… Read More

  • Children Prayer


    I started teaching the three-year-old Sunday School class when I was only 16. For the last fifty years I have seen countless children come into my classroom. Some were scared and cried for their parents for weeks. Others marched in ready to play. Some came from wonderful homes where the peace of God permeates all members of the family. Others came from broken homes and lived in turmoil. Some from wealthy families where all their needs were met. Others came to me hungry and dirty wearing ill-fitting shoes. All were in need of love, compassion, and God's grace. More than that, though, each of these little ones needed prayer. So, for the last 30+ years, I have spent my evenings making quilts for each one of my students. As I sew, I bring the child's name before the throne of God asking him to guide that little one for the rest of his life. Then, when it is finished, I present that quilt to the child and his parents letting them know how much God loves that child and that He has a great plan for his life. I lost count of the number of quilts I've made over the years, but I know it's got to be close to a thousand. A thousand children who have been loved, prayed for, and taught the ways of the Lord. Some of those children are now grown. Some have become missionaries and pastors. Others have become teachers or leaders in business. I've even had some of their children come through… Read More

  • Labor Verbalizing the Gospel


    I encountered Jesus at the darkest point in my life, and it is only by His light that His purpose was revealed to me. It was when I suffered from major depression in my early 20's. At that moment, I believe God called me to completely surrender my life to Him; and through faith, I was healed. Since it’s my second life, I asked God to use my testimony to help others that were suffering. I continuously sought His guidance. He led me to the Middle East. When I arrived here, a former drug addict invited me to his church. I was amazed at how his life was transformed so I started studying God’s Word. In every free moment. After several years, I became an evangelist. God gave me a vision about the narrow gate, and He instructed me to let people know about Jesus---the way, the truth and the life. I started to conduct bible studies in the most remote parts of the city, as well as in the desert and on the seaside. Most of the time, it takes hours of driving just to reach these areas. But I always feel convicted by the Holy Spirit reminding me, “If you will not do it, who will?” and I always say, “Here I am Lord, send me!” I have a full time job here as a Technical Analyst but every week, several of us share the Gospel with workers in different companies. By God’s grace, we have grown in numbers and have formed a cell group called the Sea of Galilee. We are composed of Filipinos, mostly working in… Read More

  • Unique Ministries Verbalizing the Gospel


    My mother had three sonograms before I was born and none of them indicated any problems. But I was born without arms and legs. That obviously made life extremely challenging. I had tremendous parents but I was bullied throughout the early years of school. I became depressed and even had suicidal thoughts. My life changed when I was 15. I read how Jesus said the blind man was born that way so the works of God would be revealed through him. If God had a plan for that man, I certainly believed He had one for me. I totally surrendered my life to Christ. I realized God wasn't the one that gave me this pain. What was intended for bad, God could turn into good. But I wondered how. I found out when I gave at a speech at a high school. After the talk, a couple hundred students lined up to speak with me. A girl began sobbing uncontrollably as she approached, saying, "No one has ever told me that they loved me. No one has ever said to me I'm beautiful the way that I am." At that moment, I knew God wanted me to share my story with as many people as possible. That was His plan. So I now speak to thousands each year through my Life Without Limbs ministry. Our mission is to break down barriers and build bridges that bring people to the love and hope found in Jesus Christ alone. I am a man of faith and without that,… Read More

  • Children Special Needs


    My wife and I had a plan early in our marriage. We would have a biological child and then we'd adopt one. And as so often happens, God had a different plan for us. My wife went through several difficulties. These were heartbreaking times for us both. We felt we were not meant to be biological parents and that God wanted us to adopt. So we embarked on several trips to Guatemala to begin the adoption process. This was an incredible journey. We eventually adopted a baby boy, Santo. A few years later, we again tried to have a biological child. Sadly, we went through even more difficulties. My wife and I heard God's message once again. He wanted us to adopt a second child. So back to Guatemala we went where we met our new boy named Xavier. He had special needs: he was blind, epileptic and had other complications. But an incredible feeling came over us both. We felt God had selected us to be with Xavier. It was very obvious. We bonded immediately. Having adopted two children has totally changed my world. It has made me a completely different person---at work, at home, everywhere. You realize what is truly important in this world. These children are such a blessing to us both. We can't imagine our lives without them. But, surprisingly, God wasn't done with us. Five years ago, my wife found out she was pregnant and we had our first biological child. Her two older brothers love their baby sister and we thank God for our… Read More

  • Children Mission Trips


    Sometimes God gives you stepping stones to build up courage to do something scary. For me, that began when God opened my eyes to the suffering in the world. But, I did not even know where to begin. Plus, it was scary to think to about leaving everything I knew. However, when a friend asked me if I would regret not going abroad after God gave me this desire, I knew I would. God used this conversation as another stepping stone. Then, I took the next step and attended a job fair that very week. It was at this job fair where I learned about a job in Honduras. I did not have any specific country in mind. I merely prayed with my hands open - and God led me to Honduras to teach at a bilingual school. After I moved to Honduras, I found an English-speaking church I could attend. At my very first visit to this church, I met the director of the Micah Project. This ministry works with boys on the street to help them become leaders in their homes, churches, and communities, so they can learn to break the cycles of poverty and addiction that are rampant on the city streets. After learning about this ministry and seeing it first-hand, I knew I needed to take another step (or, rather, a big leap). God had led me to Honduras for this purpose. I did not go to Honduras as a missionary; I came to Honduras for a job at a school. I never thought I would… Read More

  • Children Labor Prayer


    I'm a teacher in a public elementary school. As a follower of Christ, I have always felt working in a public school is my mission field. I feel the Lord has called me to do what I can to reach my students with the love of Jesus. The children who go through my class each year are prayed for and loved by Jesus through me. This year, I have some children with some difficult behavior problems and even harder home lives. They have my heart. During my devotion time as I was praying for my students, God brought to mind Psalm 139. The Lord reminded me that each student is fearfully and wonderfully made. Each one is special and loved by Him. One of those students the Lord has particularly placed on my heart asks me regularly if I believe in demons. She says she sees demons in her room at night who talk to her, and she is scared. For several weeks, I chose a scripture and prayed over her. I prayed over her desk before school started and would breathe prayers over her as I roamed the room during class time. It was all I could do. As a public school teacher, I am not allowed to openly share about Jesus. But I can pray. She came to me one day out of the blue and said, "do you know what is stronger than anything in the world?" I was waiting for the name of a popular superhero or sports figure. She said, "Jesus is stronger than anything." I asked… Read More

  • Unique Ministries Verbalizing the Gospel


    The opioid crisis is killing thousands of young people in America. And I hope to do something about it. Too often, people believe that a life in Christ is incompatible with a life in science. My story says otherwise. In my life, the two fed off one another and have led me down a clear path of serving beyond the walls of a church. I have always been involved in church. My father even thought I might go into ministry. But I was fascinated by science and became a doctor, working in pediatrics. I found myself drawn to cases involving forensics, eventually moving into the role of Chief Medical Examiner of New Hampshire. While advancing in my career, I found myself maturing as a Christian, becoming more active in my church and even serving with The Gideons International. I also became heavily involved in the Boy Scouts when my children were young, and I never quit! I have served for nearly 20 years as an adult volunteer, currently as the chair of the Duty to God committee of our local Daniel Webster Council. This role in Boy Scouts is a major way God used my scientific knowledge and my spiritual beliefs to lead me to make an important life decision. As the opioid crisis hit New Hampshire, it became very oppressing. It was terribly difficult to see such large numbers of young people succumb to drug abuse and lose their lives. I wanted to make a difference so I retired to pursue the call to ministry. I am attending seminary in hopes of earning… Read More

  • Children Unique Ministries


    How can we possibly reach more young people with the Good News of Jesus? We have to find a way! God's heartbeat is "souls". He wants His followers to do everything possible to bring others to Him. He doesn't delight in the death of a sinner, and will stop at nothing to see the last sinner saved. Growing up in a Christian family, I thought everyone knew Jesus and worshiped God like I did. But that is not the case. I thought, why not reach young people through the creative arts, like rap music, poetry and dance? My pastor has given me the opportunity. We formed a group in my church called 3one6. It’s taken from Colossians 3:16. We preach the good news of Jesus Christ through music, spoken word, rap and dance. We go out to schools every week to minister to them. We teach them the word of God through our music. Many young lives have been saved and transformed through this ministry. I am so glad I can use the rap talent God gave me to win souls. What a privilege it is to reach out to others with His Word.

  • Other Special Needs


    When I was 8 months old, I was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a disease where cancerous tumors form in your eyes. Doctors removed my left eye, but saved my right one through chemotherapy and radiation. My one eye let me see the beauty in this world, including my parents and twin sister. Over the next twelve years, the cancer came back eight times, and we beat it each time. But when I was 12, it returned with a vengeance and the treatment failed. The only option was to remove my right eye. My parents asked what I'd like to see in my remaining time with sight. I'd always been a huge fan of USC, so I wanted to see one more Trojan game. Coach Pete Carroll heard about my story and made me part of the Trojan family. It was a dream come true and one of the last things I did before doctors performed the operation. Being blind obviously changed everything, but my parents encouraged me to continue pursing my dreams. In high school I became restless as a bystander, and knew I had to find my way back on to the football field. I tried out for my high school team and became their long snapper. I also played golf, skied, surfed and went on mission trips. When it came time for college, I had my sights set on one school: USC. Shortly after getting into USC, the football program invited me to walk on to the team as a long snapper. For two years, I trained every day on… Read More

  • Unique Ministries


    It’s important for us as Christians to follow God’s whispers and to put our faith in Him no matter what obstacles we encounter. While attending my first Passion Conference in Atlanta as a high school senior, I learned about the End It Movement, which focuses on human trafficking. It was at this conference that God gave me a passion for educating others about the issue of modern day slavery. So, when I was a freshman in college, God laid it on my heart to lead a human trafficking awareness event at my school. Believing God wouldn't put something on my heart if He didn't want me to do something about it, I took a leap of faith and approached my school administrators about this idea. I was pleasantly surprised when they approved it. From there, God continued to give me ideas for the event, like involving various student groups to showcase their gifts. Students from the college volunteered to perform in dances, skits, and photo shoots to bring awareness to how human trafficking occurs. The director of a local organization that fights trafficking, Project4One, agreed to speak. But, then we started to encounter some hiccups. People told me to expect a light turnout because we were dealing with college students. But, I believed if I continued to trust Him, He would bring the people. So, that's what I did. I chose to believe God was in control, even when people dropped out of participating and when the entire sound system blew the night before the event. When the "27 Has a Name" event on  Read More

  • Special Needs


    When you see something as a young child, it can have an amazing influence on the rest of your life. Growing up, I watched my grandparents as they cared for their special needs son---my uncle. They took care of him well into his adult years. My grandparents gave him a wonderful life, and I learned a lot from their example of Christ's love to my uncle. When it  was time for me to enter college, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. A frustrating semester as a social studies education major was all it took for me to realize I needed something different. I looked through a catalog of other majors and came across "special education." I remembered the example of my grandparents with my uncle, and knew I had found God's calling for my life. I changed my major to special education and never looked back. Now, I work at a Christian university as an advisor and academic coach for students with special needs and learning disabilities. This is my ministry. I have been able to share the love of Christ and the Gospel with my students. I have seen God work in lives as my students persevere for their degrees, despite disabilities and adversity. I have Bible verses posted around my office, and God has given me the opportunity to be there for countless students through both academic and personal struggles. Bible verses, such as Philippians 4:13; Proverbs 3:5-6; and Isaiah 26:3, keep me focused on my life's purpose. They remind me it is… Read More

  • Church Activities Unique Ministries


    I didn’t become a believer until I was an adult. I always believed there was a God, but the idea of Jesus dying for me was foreign. A couple of friends from work pestered me incessantly to go to church with them, and one night, I finally did. I heard about Jesus and what He did on the cross, and remember repeating, “Jesus died for ME” hundreds of times. As it sunk in, I became more and more in awe of what He did and decided to give my life to Him. I’ve made wonderful friends through my church, and been given the opportunity to give back to my community as an outpouring of God’s love. I run our church’s homeless ministry which acts as a mobile food kitchen---preparing, packaging, and serving food once a month. We travel to multiple locations near our church and serve meals to those needing some help. One of my favorite experiences with the ministry involved a man and a woman I had never seen before. They came up to a friend and me and asked for prayer, and then the woman said all she needed was a pair of black sneakers so she could get back to work. The car they were living in also had been towed, so they were on the streets until they could get the money needed to get their car back. My friend and I drove them to a nearby shoe store and while we helped them pick out sneakers, we were able to tell them about Jesus and… Read More

  • Children Prayer Special Needs


    Mothers remember anniversaries of the important events in our children’s lives. While I have experienced many good and bad moments with my sons, Matthew and Jacob, two days will forever be etched in my memory. On August 10, 2014, I received that call that mothers dread. I was at home working when my husband, Barry, called to tell me Jacob was in an ATV wreck two hours away from our home in Cartersville, Georgia. I remember rushing out of work, telling my co-workers he had been hurt. Once we drove there, we found Jacob talking and yelling. But 15 minutes after our arrival, he started vomiting and aspirated vomit into his lung. The nurses sedated Jacob and put him on a ventilator. It was the last time he spoke for 10 months. Jacob spent two months in a coma and six months in a minimally conscious state. But even that night, I had a peace about me. I didn’t leave his side for eight weeks. The second date I will never forget is August 17, 2014. That’s the night the doctors told me Jacob was dying. I told the doctor, “No, I am sorry but you are wrong, God told me He was not done with Jacob yet, so you need to do what you need to do, because it’s not Jacob’s time yet. Call the neurosurgeon and see what can be done.”  The doctor told the nurse I was in  denial. They contacted the neurosurgeon who said the only thing to do was a craniotomy which would remove a portion… Read More

  • Unique Ministries


    It is devastating to find out your husband is addicted to pornography, especially when he's in the ministry and you think you have a good marriage. We had been married 17 years, had three children and he was the worship pastor of our church when I found out that he had been secretly viewing pornography our entire marriage. And that sexual addiction had led to a string of sexual encounters. In the devastation of his exposure, I wondered what I should do. So much of my identity was in trying to be the perfect Christian, the good example, and working for people's approval. Now my life seemed to be falling apart. Was this the end of our marriage? We immediately began meeting with a counselor and seeking recovery and restoration. I knew I still loved this man, that we had a history together, a family, a relationship, and I didn't want to give up on that. I decided to stay and see what God had in store for us. In addition to healing us and our marriage, we found He also wanted to use our story in other ways. One night a friend called in tears, telling me that her husband had an affair, and that she just needed to talk. I felt like God's hand was in this. He wanted us to use our experience to help others. If I can help someone by being there for them and listening, that is valuable. I don't have to have all the answers. Hurting people need to vent; they need a… Read More

  • Children Church Activities


    My search for the truth began in earnest when I became a father. My son’s birth made me wonder more than ever: Why are we here? What is the meaning of this life? I'm from Russia and I was born Jewish. I thought Christ was not for me. But I started reading the Bible, and the story of Jesus touched me. A woman from a Russian-speaking church was sharing the Gospel in a park, and I happened to walk by. I had so many questions! She wasn’t used to someone coming up to her voluntarily. She usually was the one to come up to people, so when she saw my interest, she invested time in talking with me. She opened up her home to me and demonstrated what a truly passionate believer in Jesus looks like. And that changed my life. Now, that I’ve been a Christian for several years, I’m one of the leaders of the Youth Discussions for teenagers at my church. Living in New York City is tough for teenagers; there are a lot of temptations. Some kids start doing drugs at that age and get hooked for life. Some kids drop out of school and get caught up with the wrong crowd. Parents don’t always have time to talk about the tough issues with their kids. I think that developing a relationship with the Lord can keep teenagers on the straight path. We want them to feel the beauty of life with God, to think about how they can apply the Bible’s values to their everyday… Read More

  • Children Special Needs


    You could say our house is a little busy. We adopted five children from China, all with special needs, after having four biological children. Scripture says to take care of the widows and the orphans, and this is a passion the Lord has given us. My husband and I feel we needed to do something beyond just living a comfortable lifestyle in the suburbs. He has a good job and we wanted to extend that blessing and share the love of Christ. Two of our kids require blood transfusions every three weeks to keep alive, but you'd never know it by the way they run around all over the place. Two other children have spina bifida and one just had his leg amputated to prepare him for a life with a prosthetic. But we tackle these problems one day at a time and as a loving family. Adopting these beautiful children has helped our biological kids learn how to care for others, to sacrifice. When one child is going through something serious, it affects the eight other kids. It's teaching all of us that we are not called to a life of "me". Some people wonder why we adopt children with special needs. I don't think a large family is as scared raising a child with special needs because they have dealt with kids being sick and having issues. We realize no one is perfect. Adoption comes out of brokenness and loss, so every child who is adopted has had to deal with some type of trauma, even if they are perfectly… Read More

  • Labor Verbalizing the Gospel


    As early as the first grade, I remember hating school. While my older brothers were studying and succeeding in their academic endeavors, I was staring at the classroom clock, waiting for the bell to ring. As I approached the end of high school, I opted to study auto mechanics at a vocational school instead of the regular school classes and prayed for school to be over so I could start doing manual work. Graduation marked the end of my schooling and I started a job where I helped build airplanes. During this time, I became a true believer and began reading and studying the Bible, as well as attending Bible studies. I thought it ironic that I struggled to pay attention and follow teachers throughout school, but the Bible was written in a way that I could understand. I worked with all sorts of people at the aircraft company, and was thankful for the coworkers who allowed me to listen to Bible study tapes and sermons while we worked. They were coworkers who had troubled and difficult pasts, and I was amazed by the way God worked through my simple tapes to speak to them. My humble, blue collar jobs led to many other opportunities to love and share the Gospel with others. I spent most of my working years in road construction and worked alongside men from all walks of life. During this time, God gave me the ability to speak to coworkers about faith, forgiveness, and reconciliation in marriage. Since I have retired, God has continued to give… Read More

  • Prayer Unique Ministries


    When I found out I had ovarian cancer, I had been a believer for 10 years and was the leader of our Sunday school for children. My doctors told me I would need to have surgery followed by chemotherapy. I learned what it meant to struggle with weakness, pain and worry on a daily basis. Our other Sunday school teachers created a schedule for visiting me and taking care of me. Our Sunday school kids drew pictures of me being healthy again and sent them to me. I finished the chemotherapy treatment but half a year later, the cancer came back. While I was getting treatment, I had moments where I grew very afraid. At one of those moments, I called a friend from my church. She was driving in a car with other believers and they stopped the car to pray for me over the phone. And God gave her a word: “There is no fear in love but perfect love casts out all fear” (1 John 4:18). When I heard those words, I found myself praying, “God, forgive me for not having perfect love.  If I had perfect love, I would not be able to feel fear.” And I saw a vision of Jesus coming down from a large staircase. I experienced so much peace and joy at that moment. When God finally cured me of my illness, I self-published a book about my trial by fire. Now, I frequently give a copy of the book to other people who are going… Read More

  • Unique Ministries


    My wife and I are blessed to have experienced the amazing miracle of childbirth three times. But sometimes the joy quickly turns to heartbreak. When our oldest son, Maddux, was just two days old, the nurse noticed his fingers weren't getting the blood flow needed. She called a heart specialist to evaluate him. Up to this point, everything had gone smoothly with no indications of the news we were to receive. The specialist said Maddux needed to be taken to UAB immediately for further examination. Tests revealed Maddux was born with a one-in-a-million heart defect, and would need surgery. There were only three places in the world that perform that heart surgery: Paris, Toronto or Boston. So on his fifth day of life, we were on a MedJet plane to Boston. Maddux had open heart surgery by one of the world's finest pediatric surgeons. During his road to recovery, I would read the Bible to him every night, rubbing the side of his head because that was about the only place he didn't have tubes. Maddux had a few complications but made enough progress that we could return to UAB. He struggled to gain weight, but he was a fighter and after a few weeks, we got to take him home---one of the best days of our lives. But one day when he was four months old, he was not himself. We took him to Children's Hospital and were devastated to hear he had contracted a staph infection. His little body could not fight it, and a short time later,… Read More

  • Children Unique Ministries


    I've known about the Mentor Upstate program for years, but I became passionate about it once I lived it. Mentor Upstate started in Greenville by a faith-driven couple who saw the need for healthy adult influence in the lives of kids of Greenville's inner city. Mentor Upstate works to pair a child in need of some adult encouragement through partnerships between schools, businesses, and churches. It is a great program, but unfortunately, there was not a program in our area. My family fostered children, and walking through the fostering experience quickly revealed how much I take mentorship for granted. My children have church leaders, family friends, and coaches who pour into their lives and provide them much needed guidance. But, many children do not have adults who consistently encourage them and help them grow. The kids we fostered did not have these adult figures in their lives or people who spoke to them about life choices. Even if children have loving parents or adults who care, some come in and out of their lives without consistency. And, then there are kids who come from difficult places that may have never had an adult encourage them or even listen to them. Seeing it firsthand led me to contact Mentor Upstate to see how I could help bring the program to my county. At this time, I am working with schools, area businesses and churches to recruit, train, and equip mentors to make a difference in the lives of children. Mentors meet with their student just once a… Read More

  • Labor Unique Ministries


    My husband and I live in Ashkelon, Israel. We serve the homeless, the drug addicts and prostitutes in the streets of Tel Aviv. These young men and women don't know God when they first come in. They don't know that God can change lives. My own relationship with Jesus started when I was in a car accident back in Ukraine in 1993. I heard the doctors say I would be crippled for the rest of my life and, in my despair, I prayed for the first time, "God, if you exist, help me recover so I do not have to be physically dependent on other people." Immediately, I felt someone in that hospital room with me. I sensed His presence. Once I had gotten better, I started attending a church in Ukraine. The first time I came, they had a Christian music group visiting that was called by the same name as my first name---I knew it was a sign that was where God wanted me to grow. Eventually, God led me to immigrate to New York City. I was there on September 11th, helping people who had run out of the burning towers, praying with them as they tried to make sense of this senseless tragedy. I met my husband on a trip to Israel. He was once a prisoner of drug addiction and had even been in jail, but God transformed his life. The two of us received a word from God. It's from Matthew 10:6-8: "Go rather to the lost sheep of Israel. As you go, proclaim… Read More

  • Labor Unique Ministries


    I am in awe of the way the Lord orchestrates our lives so they glorify Him. My mother and I share the same birthday, and since she passed away, I’m often bitter on that day each year because she isn’t with me. Earlier in my life, this bitterness led me to only superficially care for those around me; I wasn’t able to see the larger vision the Lord had for me. After feeling unfulfilled in my advertising career, I turned to my mother’s profession and enrolled in nursing school. It was there that I realized the practice of caring for others as a whole is just what the Lord does. Now as a pediatric nurse, my vision and love for others has expanded immensely as I care for not just their physical needs, but also their emotional and spiritual ones. I’ve been able to share my story with patients, and pray with them if they ask me. Nursing has given me the opportunity to love and empathize with others on a level I never experienced.  In John 12, Jesus says, “unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit.” Just as the Lord gave His life for us so we may have eternal life, we should die to our selfish and negative ways and in turn, serve and love others as the Lord intended. I now see that suffering is not a curse, but a way to find the Lord in every situation. I have fallen in love… Read More

  • Children Mission Trips


    In the same year that I accepted Christ as Lord over my life and returned to church, I started having dreams. I was dreaming of children that had no shoes and little clothing, children who looked at me with a hunger that was both physical and spiritual. Surprisingly, I had never even heard about mission trips at the time. These dreams continued so I felt I needed to experience a mission trip. I signed up for a short one to Cuba. I led worship there through dance and got to share the gospel with hundreds of Cubans. Cuba revealed a whole new world to me; I returned knowing that I was meant to do this, that God had designed me to bring His love and His word to all kinds of people. While I was attending school and working, I tried to follow the phrase: “make your home your mission field.” But I knew I would be traveling somewhere. Eventually, I went to Slavic Missionary Bible School in Florida. After preparation and prayer, I was sent to Tanzania, Africa, which had been my first choice from the very beginning. I had marked off different countries but inside, I was thinking: Tanzania. We stayed in Tanzania for five months. We worked with orphanages, we visited leprosy camps, we went from house to house talking about Jesus and handing out food. We visited medical clinics and prayed for the healing of people in the waiting room. God directed us in many ways, big and small. We ended our mission with a short trip to… Read More

  • Senior Citizens Unique Ministries


    When I lost my husband, I found that I didn't really know any other widows. I had written a book about my husband's battle with cancer but now that it was over, I had a battle of my own to fight. While I had some support, nobody could truly understand my particular type of pain. Once my grief lessened a little, I started to meet other women who were widowed, and remembering how it had felt for me, I started calling them. I spoke with them, prayed for them and invited them out for coffee. Part of what makes losing your spouse so difficult is that you frequently lose the fellowship you used to have as part of your husband's social circle. And then you have to deal with loneliness as well as grief. Eventually, I started attending a monthly widow's group. We were all struggling a bit, trying to lean on God and build friendships while trying to find closure. Finally, I started a widow's group of my own called The Victorious Women. We support each other, build strong relationships and try to plan special fun activities. Some women open up about their story but even those that don't, are comforted by the circle of friends they gain. The group is open to everyone, believers and non-believers alike, but we also meet separately with some of the women to study the Scriptures. I also have a blog for women about keeping faith in tough times. One Bible verse that instructs me when I speak with… Read More

  • Food Prayer Unique Ministries


    I spent my first 23 years on earth living for myself and my personal achievements. I wanted to work hard in college so I could go to medical school and then become a doctor. It wasn’t until meeting a girl in college (who would later become my wife) that I discovered achievements alone wouldn’t satisfy me. As I sat reading Tim Keller’s “A Reason for God” after getting into medical school, I realized that no matter what I accomplished on this earth for myself, it would be lackluster. I would still have a feeling of emptiness. God compelled me to put my faith in Him and I realized that He was the only thing to fill that hole. I’m thankful for becoming a Christian just before the beginning of medical school because it helped teach me how to love and serve others. I’ve been fortunate enough to serve and pray for patients, and talk to my science and medical colleagues about my faith. One of the most rewarding parts of moving to a new city for my medical school journey has been using my home to bless those around me.  In our three years here, our guest room has been constantly filled with friends or acquaintances who needed a place to stay for a night, week or month. Family of friends who come to town are able to stay in the comfort of our home instead of an impersonal hotel. College students from our church spend evenings sprawled out in our living room, studying for exams as my wife passes out… Read More

  • Children Unique Ministries


    When we became foster parents 16 years ago, we had little to no support. But, we knew God had called us to foster. We live in Spartanburg County, which currently has more kids in foster care than any other county in South Carolina. When we began, we were disheartened by the lack of attention given to foster care and the lack of support for foster care parents. Recognizing a need, we began P.S. I Love You Ministries. It started as a church ministry where we provided childcare for monthly foster care meetings. In addition, we wanted to be a resource for other families serving as foster parents drawing upon our knowledge and experience to answer their questions. We didn’t want foster families to feel alone. We also began making care bags for children entering the foster care system. As foster parents, we saw firsthand how many children enter foster care with few (if any) belongings of their own. We decided to give the children a pillow with their name embroidered on it, so they would have something that was theirs to keep. We also provided them with basic hygiene items, a Bible, and a toy or a blanket. In 2012, we gained nonprofit status, allowing us to partner with even more people in our community. Since then, we have had numerous groups donate items for the care bags. People began to see the needs that extend beyond the care bags and started donating clothing. In October 2016, we officially opened our resource center that houses the P.S. I… Read More

  • Prayer Special Needs


    When I was 25 years old, I took a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico where my life was altered forever.  I went pier diving and broke my neck when hitting the bottom of the ocean head first. At that moment, I became completely paralyzed from the neck down. By God's grace, I remained conscious and floated up to the surface face down, completely unable to move. Just when I couldn’t hold my breath another second, my friends pulled me out of the water. Soon after my parents got the phone call, back in New York City. They were completely devastated, but cried out to God, even though we weren’t Christians then. This is when God stepped in. My aunt worked at her jewelry store and her friend stopped by just to say hi. Her friend heard what had happened, and through a series of phone calls, was able to arrange for a private jet and a doctor to fly me to a hospital back home, only 18 hours after the accident.  This came with a price tag of $34,000. But my sister's friend lent us $16,000 dollars and an anonymous person on the cruise ship paid another $18,000. We never found out who it was. During my four months in the hospital, I got to know Jesus. Another family friend attended a church in Brooklyn, and the people there started visiting and praying for me. They told me all about Jesus and His love for us.  Eventually, I re-learned how to breathe without a breathing machine and recovered from pneumonia and a high fever. Today, I can sit up without passing out, something doctors said would… Read More

  • Other Unique Ministries


    I hate drugs and the horrible toll they take on people. They are truly a demonic force and cause nothing but heartache. We lost our 20-year-old daughter, Ashlynn, when she was given a lethal dose of fentanyl. She was a beautiful girl who loved the Lord. She was a great student and a high school cheerleader, but then she started experimenting with drugs. She began hanging around a different group of friends, her grades plummeted and she would show some concerning mood swings. It was a nightmare for everyone. We got her into a rehab program and after some time, we thought she had turned a corner. But her struggles continued. She was in and out of rehab. Then, we discovered she was hooked on heroin. One night in January 2016, she thought she bought some heroin, but her drug dealer gave her fentanyl instead. We grieve our loss and miss her beyond words can express. But we know she went to be with the Lord and was instantly healed and freed from her pain. The drug dealer who sold her the lethal dose had been previously convicted nine times. On this occasion, he was sentenced to 20 years without parole. We talked as a family before his trial, and determined we did not want him to hold us in bondage. We knew that Christ died for him, just like He did for you and for me. He is no less of a person in God's eyes than the rest of us. So at his trial, we gave him a letter… Read More

  • Church Activities Unique Ministries


    Rome, Georgia is like most mid-sized towns in the Bible Belt with a church on nearly every corner. But many people may never enter the doors of a church. Since they are staying away, they are not hearing the Good News of salvation through Jesus Christ. Broken lives are everywhere. Drug abuse and alcoholism are rampant. If people aren’t coming, why not go to them? So we started the Community Church Ministry where we take the church into neighborhoods. Several years ago, I dreamed I was in a large house, and many people were there. The house had several different rooms. In the dream, I went from room to room to minister to the people. I had the dream at least two times, so I believe it was of God. So in 2011, I purchased a 1969 trailer, not knowing if we could make it work. But with a lot of prayer and many volunteers, we got it working, and started having meetings at a local mobile home park that included a message, dinner and music. That year also included an Easter egg hunt, a fall festival and a Christmas play. Soon, the ministry grew to include 10 neighborhoods. The concept is simple. We go to where people live, feed them, love them, and share God's love. Many of the people reached by this ministry may never enter the doors of a church. I have seen God work in this.  A few years ago at one trailer park, we met in a small room next to the laundromat. I… Read More

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