How Everyday People Live Out Their Christian Faith

Illustrating how men and women display their love for Jesus in their day-to-day lives.
Little things that may have an eternal impact. Might these stories motivate you to use your talents?
  • Unique Ministries


    I would consider myself a pretty ordinary person. I am a preacher's kid, married to a godly man, and the mother of two wonderful children, but a few years ago I found myself in the last place imaginable: behind bars. I did not commit a crime or break the law, but an unforeseeable accident resulted in time away from my family. I cannot begin to explain how this felt. I was no criminal, yet I was being treated as one. Despite my circumstances, the Lord never left my side. He provided me with comfort and hope. After several difficult and extremely long years, I was joyfully reunited with my family. As a result of my ordeal, I have been given a desire to meet the needs, both spiritually and physically, of those behind bars. While away, I not only became aware of the spiritual needs of those around me, but I also witnessed firsthand the failings of the prison system. Most people assume that the state prison system meets the needs of the women in their care. However, this is not the case at all. Women are given a handful of necessary items once a month, including a bar of soap, a toothbrush, feminine products, and two rolls of toilet paper. I know from personal experience that this is not enough to meet theirf needs. So I joined with a friend in ministering to the women of the Washington County Correctional Facility. We collect personal hygiene products and present each inmate with a bag of much-needed extra items. This includes… Read More

  • Labor Prayer


    I was working as a hairdresser while going to college in Hawaii. After I graduated, one of my clients asked me to help in her real estate brokerage firm. She had seen my love for people and wanted me as an agent. She gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse. She paid for my training, licensing, coaching and continuing education plus gave me all my leads and a weekly salary. This opportunity allowed me to rapidly gain extensive real estate knowledge and skill. And I loved the work! But when we moved to the mainland, my license did not transfer. We did, however, find a church that helped me grow more deeply in my knowledge and love of Christ. I concentrated on raising our children until it came time for my husband to retire from the Navy. While we were deciding what we should do in the next chapter of our lives, our pastor called the church to a two-week fast. Along with the prayer focus of the church, we prayed about our immediate future. Two weeks later, a friend approached me; he had noticed that Facebook posts I had made demonstrated a knowledge of real estate. He asked if I would be interested in joining his brokerage. I was back to doing what I loved, but this time with Jesus Christ at the center of it all. People coming to me are in transition. They may have a new job in a new town or a new baby. Some are empty nesters looking to downsize or a family going through… Read More

  • Unique Ministries


    If you have seen comfort dogs on site at crisis situations, then you've probably seen a member of the LCC K-9 Comfort Dog ministry team---a network of volunteers and dogs working together to bring compassion where it is needed. This powerful ministry officially began in 2008, but God was working on it even before it became "official." When Hurricane Katrina hit, the LCC Disaster Response Team set up a disaster triage. The team was asked to perform search and rescue for people with animals as many people were refusing to leave their flooding homes without their pets. The team saw firsthand the power of a pet to someone going through a crisis. In February 2008, Lutheran Church Charities (LCC) was contacted and asked to bring the dogs to Northern Illinois University where a shooting had occurred. At this point, it became clear that God was saying to stop waiting for disasters and to put dogs in churches. So, that's what LCC did. LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs started with four dogs in August 2008, and since then, it has grown significantly. The network now consists of 130 trained golden retrievers in churches and Christian schools across 23 states to do outreach ministry. People feel safe with the dogs, and the dogs allow the ministry team to go places they may not have been able to go. With the comfort dogs, the team can go out into the world and offer compassion, prayer, and Jesus to those who are hurting. They only go when invited, but they've been asked to serve many communities suffering from tragedies… Read More

  • Children Unique Ministries


    Since I was a high school senior, I had a dream of starting a youth center for teenagers. Even when people dismissed it, I knew that God had placed that dream on my heart. After I returned from Bible College to Sunbury, PA, my wife and I started a youth center called The Refuge. We wanted to create a safe and fun place for teenagers to go to after school, free of charge. In nine months, our youth center grew to about 50 teens coming in each week. We provided them with a comfortable space, games and a free meal. During the next two years, I went back to school to get my teaching degree (I now teach junior high). However, when I returned, we began to look for a new building in order to reopen The Refuge. When we did find an old broken-down building for $30,000, we received an anonymous donation that covered its cost. It took us three years to get it ready. We restored the building, set up a ping pong table and video games, made it accessible for handicapped kids and prayed it would be a blessing. Now, we also provide homework help, do Bible studies and use recording equipment so the teenagers can make their own music. All of our tutors and cooks are Christian volunteers from a variety of surrounding churches. We want the kids to have a real sense of community when they are here and be exposed… Read More

  • Church Activities Unique Ministries


    I was a pastor of the same church for over 50 years. In that time, we moved from a small store front property to a large building that sat 500 in the sanctuary. And we ended up filling every seat on more than one occasion. By the time I retired, the church had grown to where it had two services to meet the needs of the growing congregation. The Lord certainly did some amazing work while I was pastoring. Since retiring, though, I have found that the Lord has even more for me to do. My days aren't as full as they once were, I am 90 after all, but I do what I can for the Lord. Most of my time on the weekends is spent filling in at churches without a pastor. I preach, counsel, and help these congregations as I am able. Many of them are small, rural churches that are hard-pressed to find a pastor willing to serve for so little salary. But they are wonderful people and I enjoy helping them. During the week, I visit shut-ins and people in the hospital to pray with them. We sing hymns and share old stories of what the Lord has done over the years. Then I will go to various auctions and farms around the area, picking up food for the food bank. There's never enough food for the number of people we serve each week, and this is a way I can contribute. I hop in my pick-up and make my rounds, knowing that the local… Read More

  • Children Church Activities Unique Ministries


    It's so important that we pass on everything we have learned to our children. And that's because they are the future leaders. But can you imagine a bunch of leaders who do not have an education? I teach a Sunday school class of about 40 kids here in Ghana. The majority of them do not go to school at all and can't read or write. For that reason, it's hard to teach them Bible verses and English songs. It's sometimes hard to imagine what their future will be like with little or no education. This unfortunate situation makes me very sad. They will never be able to read and understand the word of God, which is the most important thing in life. So I decided to teach those who were willing to read and write. It was a bit challenging when I started. Most of them were interested. But some of their parents stopped them from learning because they are also not educated, and saw no value in it. There's close to a 70% illiteracy rate in our region. They simply want to take their children to the market to help them sell. But by God's grace, most of them know the English alphabet and that's a great encouragement to me. God is nudging me to continue despite these hurdles. So I'm putting together a team to help me teach these kids how to read and write so they, too, can benefit from the Word of God.

  • Church Activities


    About five years ago, I started volunteering as a door greeter at church. It was fun since my whole job was just welcoming people into church. Since my son was in high school and my husband served in a different ministry, it was a simple way for me to be involved at church without any added stress or preparation at home. About six months after I started working the doors, I realized what I was doing was an actual ministry. Before this, I saw myself as just opening the doors for people and helping them get to where they needed to go. But one morning that all changed when a young woman timidly walked up to my door. It was obvious she had never been there before as she tried to figure out where to enter and what to do. I approached her with a smile, ready to walk her to wherever she wanted to go. But something switched in my heart. I realized I wasn't just helping a new person find the auditorium. I was helping a lost soul find Jesus. I asked her about herself, and she began opening up to me. After the service, I tracked her down and we continued our conversation. She was all alone and just in need of a friend. That started my weekly journey to find one person that is all alone and show them compassion and love. It's been five years since I started, and I can't tell you the number of people I have stopped to talk with at church. I don't know… Read More

  • Children Mission Trips


    My husband and I had finally finished the paperwork to adopt an American child. We discussed what we should do before becoming new parents. I had previously gone on several mission trips, and we decided to experience this together. Our church youth group was going to Haiti about six months after the massive 2010 earthquake. We had no practical or medical skills that could meet their needs but God was prompting us to go. I asked my husband, "What if our little boy is in Haiti?" But we both knew that would be crazy because we were prepared for a domestic adoption. On the first day of the trip, my eyes locked on a beautiful little boy, Izaiah. I can't explain it but I loved him immediately. He had tragically lost both his parents as an infant. We were told it would be impossible to adopt him since adoption of Haitian children had been completely closed because of the recent earthquake. But I loved him like my son, and so did my husband. God began making a way for us to move forward with pursuing the adoption of Izaiah. Doors started to open. But the journey was not without unbelievable trials. Paperwork that was supposed to be completed months prior had not been done. Numerous challenges came up that stalled the adoption. We wanted to preserve the special bond we had built with Izaiah so we thought I should stay in Haiti until the adoption was finalized. I ended up staying… Read More

  • Labor Other


    On the Sunday after Hurricane Harvey hit Houston, I got up to go to church but I couldn't make it out of my driveway. I was stuck in my house for hours and saw television reports all morning about how fellow citizens were trapped in their houses with nowhere to go. I knew I had to do something. I decided we were going to use our two furniture stores as rescue shelters. We posted a video online and used our social media to tell people they were welcome to stay in our furniture stores as long as they needed. We let them sleep on our recliners, mattresses, sleeper sofas and couches. Some people couldn't make it through the flooded streets so we dispatched 10 of our trucks and rescued about 200 people trapped in their homes or stranded on the highways. We had over 600 people living in our stores. We've got a restaurant in each store so we cooked meals for them. We brought in portable showers. It cost some money to keep our stores open and for this furniture, but we can afford that. What we couldn't afford was to have these people lose hope. There was a lot of heartbreak caused by this hurricane. Being together during this time was helpful for all of us. People didn't feel like they were on their own. My parents always told me that you can preach a better sermon with your life than with your lips, and I try to live that way. And I will until I’m no longer… Read More

  • Mission Trips Verbalizing the Gospel


    The Bible says it won't be easy to follow Jesus, that we'll be subjected to ridicule and scorn. I have sure experienced this throughout my life. When I decided to give my life completely to Christ thirteen years ago, this was strongly challenged by the people closest to me, especially my parents. "Why move to a different church?" "Why give your tithes when we are also in need?" The questioning was constant. The church I joined in the Philippines had very few members and rented a small space where the ceilings and walls needed significant repairs. Despite insulting remarks from people, I didn't allow anything to stop me from inviting everyone to come to church and worship Jesus. I held on tightly to God's word in Joshua 24:15 that says, "But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." I knew we would be serving the Lord together one day. I had to endure the times my parents kept rejecting God and my faith. But after five long years of praying incessantly and patiently ministering to them, God finally broke down the walls of what was seemingly impossible. My family accepted Christ and are still serving the Lord today! Challenges remained as we tried to bring Jesus' message to others. I had led a team of young people on mission trips to various rural areas in the Philippines where people would yell at us and even throw buckets of water to drive us away. From a worldly standpoint, it was so difficult. But as a Christian, it… Read More

  • Unique Ministries


    When I look back on my life, I can see God's hands along every step, even when I experienced a rare brain tumor. Life was going along wonderfully. My wife, son and I had just adopted our 12 year old son from Colombia. I was doing well in my real estate job and even training for a marathon. One morning, I went out for a run and became extremely dizzy. If not for a park bench, I may have collapsed. I found my way home and thought it was just a chemical imbalance. But my wife convinced me to go to the ER. The MRI showed a tumor the size of a fist lodged in my brain. When the doctor said those words, I was devastated. It was causing my entire brain to be scrunched to one side. But by God's grace, it looked to be clear, meaning it was non-cancerous. Still, it was a very rare and large brain tumor. One of the country's top neurosurgeons performed my surgery, which was anything but smooth. There was a tremendous amount of hemorrhaging. He had to call his medical mentor in Europe for a consultation. I was in a medically-induced coma for two days while a team of neurosurgeons decided on a course of action. Four surgeries later, I'm a walking miracle. It took two months in the hospital and rehab before I was anything close to my normal self. I lost hearing in my left ear and still have some lingering imbalance, both somewhat common side effects with brain surgery.… Read More

  • Church Activities Verbalizing the Gospel


    As a pastor in Ghana, it pains me to see how few people follow or even know about Jesus. You can see it in the traffic patterns. During the weekdays, there's a lot of traffic in town whilst on weekends, there's very little traffic. A lot of people take their work more seriously than God. But some others just haven’t heard the good news of Jesus. It struck me that only about 50% of the population of my region go to church regularly on Sundays. So I thought, how can we reach the other 50% to let them know how much God loves them and how much He yearns to fellowship with them? On 1st July, which was a public holiday in Ghana, my congregation hit the streets of Kaosa in what we called the Street Rhema. We shared the Word with everyone we met. We started in the township of Kasoa and went out to Kokrobite Beach. We were so surprised to find that some people had never heard the name of Jesus. We wore t-shirts and held placards with messages of hope. We played music along the streets of our town to draw people's attention to what we were doing. We had over 100 souls won to Christ that day. Most of them now go to church on a regular basis. One very important thing I learned from my father---until a soul grows to the point where he desires to bring others into the house of God, that soul has not been won completely. I believe the word of… Read More

  • Children Labor Special Needs


    When God placed individuals with special needs on my heart back in high school, I had no way of knowing He was already preparing me for life with my daughter, Morgan. She has physical and cognitive special needs. Loving a child with special needs has taught me a lot about the fragility of life and how to see the world through a different lens. Just through her smiles and hugs, she is able to inspire others. I am blessed to have her in my life. And, she is the inspiration behind everything I do. After I retired at an early age, I felt called to provide services for the special needs community based on our own experiences with Morgan. I learned early on that Morgan is one of the lucky ones when it comes to having access to medical care. It is costly and difficult, and many of those in the special needs community simply do not have the ability to get their children the help they need. I wanted to develop things and places that would make their lives better and help them feel included. I developed Morgan's Wonderland, the first fully inclusive and ultra-accessible family fun park, after a personal experience. I was with Morgan in a pool one day where other children were playing. When Morgan tried to play ball with these children, they ran off. As a parent, I recognized the hurt and confusion in my daughter's eyes. Because of this incident, I started thinking about where I could take her to play with children where… Read More

  • Children Church Activities


    As a father of three, my life is pretty busy. My evenings are filled with volleyball games, track meets, and dance recitals as I work to be the best dad I can be. Wednesdays nights, though, are my sacred time. Those are the evenings I spend as the Royal Ranger Commander at my church. When my son turned six, he joined our local Royal Rangers program. Since I wanted to spend time with him, I decided to become the leader of his age group. Each Wednesday evening, I work with a group of boys teaching them life skills as well as how to grow into godly men. We go camping a few times each year, memorize scripture together, and learn about the importance of giving back to the community. What started as a simple way for me to spend time with my son has grown into something much bigger than I imagined. My son is now 20, and I am so proud of the man he has become. He is kind and generous, thoughtful and strong. But I am also proud of the dozens of other young men I have worked with over the years through this program. Some of my boys come from broken homes full of pain. I have prayed with them, fed them, brought them clothes, and mostly, just loved them as a father should love his son. These young men have brought so much joy to me. I know I am much more blessed as their Royal Ranger commander than I could ever bless them. I… Read More

  • Children Unique Ministries


    When she was six years old, my daughter, Erin, was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease: FSGS. Her disease causes her immune system to attack her kidneys, and slowly, they fail. She is nine now, and we remain hopeful and have faith that God is able to sustain her. But, it isn't always easy. When Erin was first diagnosed during one of her early hospital stays, a sweet child life therapist saw her struggling and feeling down. She asked Erin what she would do if she could do anything in the hospital that day. Erin told her she would like to make a pillow that looked like a kidney. Armed with a t-shirt, hot glue, and stuffing, that's what they did. This strange looking pillow ended up being a comfort to Erin---so much so that she asked if we could start making kidney pillows for other kids going through the same ordeal. But, we hesitated. Then, in 2017, Erin went through a rough time and the pillow idea came back up again. This time, we went for it. We started making kits that come with all the materials a child needs to make a silly kidney pillow. In just a short time, it grew in popularity. It blossomed from taking pillow kits to our local hospital to sending them to other countries. My daughter and I have a heart for kidney kids, so it began as a way to offer encouragement and hope to other families struggling with the diagnosis. As a believer, I wanted to give them a little… Read More

  • Church Activities


    I love music. I appreciate music of all types, but I am particularly fond of church music. This is probably why I've played the piano and organ in churches for the last 50 years. I began playing piano at my church when I was about 15 and have continued doing so ever since. Every Sunday, I have found great joy behind the keys at my church. I spend hours pouring over music for Sunday's service. Each week is a wonderful challenge in finding just the right songs to encourage and inspire the congregation. In college, I discovered an even deeper love for music when I was introduced to the organ. I decided to study music and spent almost every waking moment between those two instruments, learning new arrangements for old hymns. I would then try them out on a local congregation I played for throughout college. It was a wonderful time. Since then, each Sunday finds me behind an instrument at two different churches in my community. Because both churches are very small, there just isn't anyone in the congregation who can play any music. Thankfully, the two services have times different enough to allow me to attend both churches. I have served the congregations of these two churches for over 30 years and have loved every minute. Each week when my fingers hit the keys, I look up to see the faces in the audience as their voices belt out praise to God. It truly is a privilege to be used by God to praise His name each week. My… Read More

  • Unique Ministries Verbalizing the Gospel


    35 years. That's how long I was dependent on drugs and alcohol. My story is one of addiction and ugliness, that God turned into beauty and a message of redemption. I was sexually abused from five-years-old by three different men until age 14. I was nine when I learned that drugs could numb the pain. I tried to commit suicide at 26, but the Lord intervened. I accepted Jesus Christ and was baptized. But even with a relentless desire to change after accepting Jesus, I couldn't stay clean. I ended up in prison in 2010 to serve an 18-month sentence. But what Satan tried to use to harm me, God used to heal me. I studied every self-help, recovery and psychology book I could find in prison. But God spoke to me in my cell and said, "The only thing that will change the old mindset is the Word of God. Memorize a scripture a day". So, for two hours every day I studied and memorized scripture. This became my tool to freedom. As I began to heal in prison, I found many others had been through these same experiences and faced the same issues. The Lord nudged me in Luke 4:18 to help "set the captives free". So while in prison, I started a class for my fellow inmates where I’d help them grow in their faith. We’d talk about the things that happened to them. And I could understand, because I had been there. The Lord gave me a prayer sheet for the ladies and I even sent it to other… Read More

  • Labor Unique Ministries


    Growing up with an absent father took a great toll on me, my siblings and my mother. I survived one struggle after another, but through God's mercy, I was able to finalize my studies. After school, life was still hard, as I searched for jobs to support my family. But through all these struggles, I met Jesus Christ. My life has never been the same again. I moved from my home in the Western part of Kenya, and settled in Central Kenya, in Mwea. This area is dangerous with a lot of gang activity. Young people all around are jobless and staying idle. I saw how people in my church were helping get these troubled youths out of the gangs and into God's Word. This was a great encouragement to me and I wanted to take part in this wonderful outreach. I have been training in martial arts since primary school. I thought I could encourage the youth in my area to join my gym that I had opened, and I could connect with them through martial arts. Over time, the number of youths at my gym increased, and I got that opportunity to preach to them, sharing the importance of salvation in their lives. In return, they have gained discipline, crime came down at an unbelievable rate in the region, and they are part of my project to reach out to even more youths. Just recently, I initiated a project to help those transformed youths engage in a farming venture on a small scale by growing vegetables and selling them… Read More

  • Children Prayer


    I started teaching the three-year-old Sunday School class when I was only 16. For the last fifty years I have seen countless children come into my classroom. Some were scared and cried for their parents for weeks. Others marched in ready to play. Some came from wonderful homes where the peace of God permeates all members of the family. Others came from broken homes and lived in turmoil. Some from wealthy families where all their needs were met. Others came to me hungry and dirty wearing ill-fitting shoes. All were in need of love, compassion, and God's grace. More than that, though, each of these little ones needed prayer. So, for the last 30+ years, I have spent my evenings making quilts for each one of my students. As I sew, I bring the child's name before the throne of God asking him to guide that little one for the rest of his life. Then, when it is finished, I present that quilt to the child and his parents letting them know how much God loves that child and that He has a great plan for his life. I lost count of the number of quilts I've made over the years, but I know it's got to be close to a thousand. A thousand children who have been loved, prayed for, and taught the ways of the Lord. Some of those children are now grown. Some have become missionaries and pastors. Others have become teachers or leaders in business. I've even had some of their children come through… Read More

  • Labor Verbalizing the Gospel


    I encountered Jesus at the darkest point in my life, and it is only by His light that His purpose was revealed to me. It was when I suffered from major depression in my early 20's. At that moment, I believe God called me to completely surrender my life to Him; and through faith, I was healed. Since it’s my second life, I asked God to use my testimony to help others that were suffering. I continuously sought His guidance. He led me to the Middle East. When I arrived here, a former drug addict invited me to his church. I was amazed at how his life was transformed so I started studying God’s Word. In every free moment. After several years, I became an evangelist. God gave me a vision about the narrow gate, and He instructed me to let people know about Jesus---the way, the truth and the life. I started to conduct bible studies in the most remote parts of the city, as well as in the desert and on the seaside. Most of the time, it takes hours of driving just to reach these areas. But I always feel convicted by the Holy Spirit reminding me, “If you will not do it, who will?” and I always say, “Here I am Lord, send me!” I have a full time job here as a Technical Analyst but every week, several of us share the Gospel with workers in different companies. By God’s grace, we have grown in numbers and have formed a cell group called the Sea of Galilee. We are composed of Filipinos, mostly working in… Read More

  • Unique Ministries Verbalizing the Gospel


    My mother had three sonograms before I was born and none of them indicated any problems. But I was born without arms and legs. That obviously made life extremely challenging. I had tremendous parents but I was bullied throughout the early years of school. I became depressed and even had suicidal thoughts. My life changed when I was 15. I read how Jesus said the blind man was born that way so the works of God would be revealed through him. If God had a plan for that man, I certainly believed He had one for me. I totally surrendered my life to Christ. I realized God wasn't the one that gave me this pain. What was intended for bad, God could turn into good. But I wondered how. I found out when I gave at a speech at a high school. After the talk, a couple hundred students lined up to speak with me. A girl began sobbing uncontrollably as she approached, saying, "No one has ever told me that they loved me. No one has ever said to me I'm beautiful the way that I am." At that moment, I knew God wanted me to share my story with as many people as possible. That was His plan. So I now speak to thousands each year through my Life Without Limbs ministry. Our mission is to break down barriers and build bridges that bring people to the love and hope found in Jesus Christ alone. I am a man of faith and without that,… Read More

  • Children Special Needs


    My wife and I had a plan early in our marriage. We would have a biological child and then we'd adopt one. And as so often happens, God had a different plan for us. My wife went through several difficulties. These were heartbreaking times for us both. We felt we were not meant to be biological parents and that God wanted us to adopt. So we embarked on several trips to Guatemala to begin the adoption process. This was an incredible journey. We eventually adopted a baby boy, Santo. A few years later, we again tried to have a biological child. Sadly, we went through even more difficulties. My wife and I heard God's message once again. He wanted us to adopt a second child. So back to Guatemala we went where we met our new boy named Xavier. He had special needs: he was blind, epileptic and had other complications. But an incredible feeling came over us both. We felt God had selected us to be with Xavier. It was very obvious. We bonded immediately. Having adopted two children has totally changed my world. It has made me a completely different person---at work, at home, everywhere. You realize what is truly important in this world. These children are such a blessing to us both. We can't imagine our lives without them. But, surprisingly, God wasn't done with us. Five years ago, my wife found out she was pregnant and we had our first biological child. Her two older brothers love their baby sister and we thank God for our… Read More

  • Children Mission Trips


    Sometimes God gives you stepping stones to build up courage to do something scary. For me, that began when God opened my eyes to the suffering in the world. But, I did not even know where to begin. Plus, it was scary to think to about leaving everything I knew. However, when a friend asked me if I would regret not going abroad after God gave me this desire, I knew I would. God used this conversation as another stepping stone. Then, I took the next step and attended a job fair that very week. It was at this job fair where I learned about a job in Honduras. I did not have any specific country in mind. I merely prayed with my hands open - and God led me to Honduras to teach at a bilingual school. After I moved to Honduras, I found an English-speaking church I could attend. At my very first visit to this church, I met the director of the Micah Project. This ministry works with boys on the street to help them become leaders in their homes, churches, and communities, so they can learn to break the cycles of poverty and addiction that are rampant on the city streets. After learning about this ministry and seeing it first-hand, I knew I needed to take another step (or, rather, a big leap). God had led me to Honduras for this purpose. I did not go to Honduras as a missionary; I came to Honduras for a job at a school. I never thought I would… Read More

  • Children Labor Prayer


    I'm a teacher in a public elementary school. As a follower of Christ, I have always felt working in a public school is my mission field. I feel the Lord has called me to do what I can to reach my students with the love of Jesus. The children who go through my class each year are prayed for and loved by Jesus through me. This year, I have some children with some difficult behavior problems and even harder home lives. They have my heart. During my devotion time as I was praying for my students, God brought to mind Psalm 139. The Lord reminded me that each student is fearfully and wonderfully made. Each one is special and loved by Him. One of those students the Lord has particularly placed on my heart asks me regularly if I believe in demons. She says she sees demons in her room at night who talk to her, and she is scared. For several weeks, I chose a scripture and prayed over her. I prayed over her desk before school started and would breathe prayers over her as I roamed the room during class time. It was all I could do. As a public school teacher, I am not allowed to openly share about Jesus. But I can pray. She came to me one day out of the blue and said, "do you know what is stronger than anything in the world?" I was waiting for the name of a popular superhero or sports figure. She said, "Jesus is stronger than anything." I asked… Read More

  • Unique Ministries Verbalizing the Gospel


    The opioid crisis is killing thousands of young people in America. And I hope to do something about it. Too often, people believe that a life in Christ is incompatible with a life in science. My story says otherwise. In my life, the two fed off one another and have led me down a clear path of serving beyond the walls of a church. I have always been involved in church. My father even thought I might go into ministry. But I was fascinated by science and became a doctor, working in pediatrics. I found myself drawn to cases involving forensics, eventually moving into the role of Chief Medical Examiner of New Hampshire. While advancing in my career, I found myself maturing as a Christian, becoming more active in my church and even serving with The Gideons International. I also became heavily involved in the Boy Scouts when my children were young, and I never quit! I have served for nearly 20 years as an adult volunteer, currently as the chair of the Duty to God committee of our local Daniel Webster Council. This role in Boy Scouts is a major way God used my scientific knowledge and my spiritual beliefs to lead me to make an important life decision. As the opioid crisis hit New Hampshire, it became very oppressing. It was terribly difficult to see such large numbers of young people succumb to drug abuse and lose their lives. I wanted to make a difference so I retired to pursue the call to ministry. I am attending seminary in hopes of earning… Read More

  • Children Unique Ministries


    How can we possibly reach more young people with the Good News of Jesus? We have to find a way! God's heartbeat is "souls". He wants His followers to do everything possible to bring others to Him. He doesn't delight in the death of a sinner, and will stop at nothing to see the last sinner saved. Growing up in a Christian family, I thought everyone knew Jesus and worshiped God like I did. But that is not the case. I thought, why not reach young people through the creative arts, like rap music, poetry and dance? My pastor has given me the opportunity. We formed a group in my church called 3one6. It’s taken from Colossians 3:16. We preach the good news of Jesus Christ through music, spoken word, rap and dance. We go out to schools every week to minister to them. We teach them the word of God through our music. Many young lives have been saved and transformed through this ministry. I am so glad I can use the rap talent God gave me to win souls. What a privilege it is to reach out to others with His Word.

  • Other Special Needs


    When I was 8 months old, I was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a disease where cancerous tumors form in your eyes. Doctors removed my left eye, but saved my right one through chemotherapy and radiation. My one eye let me see the beauty in this world, including my parents and twin sister. Over the next twelve years, the cancer came back eight times, and we beat it each time. But when I was 12, it returned with a vengeance and the treatment failed. The only option was to remove my right eye. My parents asked what I'd like to see in my remaining time with sight. I'd always been a huge fan of USC, so I wanted to see one more Trojan game. Coach Pete Carroll heard about my story and made me part of the Trojan family. It was a dream come true and one of the last things I did before doctors performed the operation. Being blind obviously changed everything, but my parents encouraged me to continue pursing my dreams. In high school I became restless as a bystander, and knew I had to find my way back on to the football field. I tried out for my high school team and became their long snapper. I also played golf, skied, surfed and went on mission trips. When it came time for college, I had my sights set on one school: USC. Shortly after getting into USC, the football program invited me to walk on to the team as a long snapper. For two years, I trained every day on… Read More

  • Unique Ministries


    It’s important for us as Christians to follow God’s whispers and to put our faith in Him no matter what obstacles we encounter. While attending my first Passion Conference in Atlanta as a high school senior, I learned about the End It Movement, which focuses on human trafficking. It was at this conference that God gave me a passion for educating others about the issue of modern day slavery. So, when I was a freshman in college, God laid it on my heart to lead a human trafficking awareness event at my school. Believing God wouldn't put something on my heart if He didn't want me to do something about it, I took a leap of faith and approached my school administrators about this idea. I was pleasantly surprised when they approved it. From there, God continued to give me ideas for the event, like involving various student groups to showcase their gifts. Students from the college volunteered to perform in dances, skits, and photo shoots to bring awareness to how human trafficking occurs. The director of a local organization that fights trafficking, Project4One, agreed to speak. But, then we started to encounter some hiccups. People told me to expect a light turnout because we were dealing with college students. But, I believed if I continued to trust Him, He would bring the people. So, that's what I did. I chose to believe God was in control, even when people dropped out of participating and when the entire sound system blew the night before the event. When the "27 Has a Name" event on  Read More

  • Special Needs


    When you see something as a young child, it can have an amazing influence on the rest of your life. Growing up, I watched my grandparents as they cared for their special needs son---my uncle. They took care of him well into his adult years. My grandparents gave him a wonderful life, and I learned a lot from their example of Christ's love to my uncle. When it  was time for me to enter college, I knew I wanted to be a teacher. A frustrating semester as a social studies education major was all it took for me to realize I needed something different. I looked through a catalog of other majors and came across "special education." I remembered the example of my grandparents with my uncle, and knew I had found God's calling for my life. I changed my major to special education and never looked back. Now, I work at a Christian university as an advisor and academic coach for students with special needs and learning disabilities. This is my ministry. I have been able to share the love of Christ and the Gospel with my students. I have seen God work in lives as my students persevere for their degrees, despite disabilities and adversity. I have Bible verses posted around my office, and God has given me the opportunity to be there for countless students through both academic and personal struggles. Bible verses, such as Philippians 4:13; Proverbs 3:5-6; and Isaiah 26:3, keep me focused on my life's purpose. They remind me it is… Read More

  • Church Activities Unique Ministries


    I didn’t become a believer until I was an adult. I always believed there was a God, but the idea of Jesus dying for me was foreign. A couple of friends from work pestered me incessantly to go to church with them, and one night, I finally did. I heard about Jesus and what He did on the cross, and remember repeating, “Jesus died for ME” hundreds of times. As it sunk in, I became more and more in awe of what He did and decided to give my life to Him. I’ve made wonderful friends through my church, and been given the opportunity to give back to my community as an outpouring of God’s love. I run our church’s homeless ministry which acts as a mobile food kitchen---preparing, packaging, and serving food once a month. We travel to multiple locations near our church and serve meals to those needing some help. One of my favorite experiences with the ministry involved a man and a woman I had never seen before. They came up to a friend and me and asked for prayer, and then the woman said all she needed was a pair of black sneakers so she could get back to work. The car they were living in also had been towed, so they were on the streets until they could get the money needed to get their car back. My friend and I drove them to a nearby shoe store and while we helped them pick out sneakers, we were able to tell them about Jesus and… Read More

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